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I'm pediatric surgeon and pediatric urologist certified in Poland, EU. I perform all typical surgical procedures from this specialities on the outpatient basis and with short hospital stay. I'm especially devoted to pediatric urology, spending most time treating hypospadias, undescended testis, vesico-ureteral reflux, varicocoele, megaureters and hydronephrosis. During ambulatory consult sometimes there is not enough time to explain everything, sometime questions come later. That is why I publish this site.
I consult and perform surgery at CENTERMED Hospital and Clinic, at Łazarza 14 in Cracow. It is modern facility designed specially for different kinds of surgical activities. There are two operating rooms, two recovery rooms and 16 hospital bed for longer stay. Five consulting rooms are equipped with USG, there is separate setting for 'small surgery' and nursing activities.

Pediatric Urology Department at CENTERMED is certified by Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia. The contract is limited. Patients having formal health insurrance in Poland are treated for free, but can count for this form of treatment usually till end of June. After this date our service is commercial.

At CENTERMED we do our best to keep the highest and optimal for particular treated problem level of care. Our principle is comfort of little patient and respect for his parent's time and emotions. Typical one day ambulatory procedures usually take 3 hours. General anestesia, as minimally invasive as possible,  is always accompanied be regional analgesia. This results in postoperative comfort and safety. Parents are together with their children during induction of anestesia and during immidiate recovery. The parents know the surgeon and anestesiologist. The operating team has long experience in this kind of work. The operating surgeon stays in contact with the parents in postoperative period. Patients who require hospital stay are accomodated in double rooms and can be accompanied by their parents. They can freely use kitchen room, toilettes and showers. Good food is served one floor below our hospital. Hotel "Batory" is located on the opposite side of the Łazarza street.
At CENTERMED we treat vesico-ureteral reflux with original DEFLUX, not generics which are unfortunatelly so often used in Poland.
I'm at Your service as far as urological consult is concerned, with USG as a part of standard urological examination.  Operative procedures - urological endoscopy, laparoscopy and one day surgery can always be arranged in one to two weeks. I always try offer such quality of care that would satisfy me, if I were on the opposite side.

Registration desk - arranging consulting visits-  at CENTERMED : +48 12 370 82 00

I'm at CENTERMED Mondays 3-7pm, Tuesdays 9-12am, Wednesdays  9-12am, Fridays 9-12am.

My office email:  admin@marekgorniak.pl

Full Polish version of this site can be visited at:  www.marekgorniak.pl

08-03-2019 20:51:00 Zaplanowane zabiegi spodziectwa - ważna informacja

W związku ze zmianami sposobu kontraktowania i wymogami stawianymi przez NFZ zabiegom spodziectwa informuję, że nie ma już konieczności pozostawania w oddziale 2 dni.

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26-11-2018 8:40:00 Kontrakt z zakresu urologii dziecięcej w roku 2019

W roku 2019 kontrakt z NFZ na zabiegi operacyjne bedzie funkcjonował tak jak w latach poprzednich. Wysokość kontraktu wystarcza na płynne funkcjonowanie przez prawie cały rok. Czas oczekiwania na zabiegi w trybie jednego dnia nie przekracza jednego miesiąca, natomiast na zabiegi połączone z pobytem (zwykle są to zabiegi spodziectwa) 3 miesięcy. 

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11-01-2018 10:23:00 Problemy z rejestracją/call center CENTERMEDu.

Okresowo otrzymuję od Państwa informacje o problemach z dodzwonieniem się do rejestracji/call center CENTERMED-u. Niestety takie sytuacje zdarzają się kilka dni w miesiącu.

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Registration Phone:

(12) 370-82-00

CENTERMED Cracow address:

Św. Łazarza 14 str, Cracow

office hours daily from 9 am, Mondays from 4pm.

Thursdays are dedicated totally to operative procedures.


For patients living around Wieliczka, where I live myself, I suggest visits at:

BIOTAMED,  Wincentego Pola 4a str., Wieliczka

on Mondays from 10:00

registration desk phone:

12 307 03 44

How to find us?:

Urolog Dziecięcy dr Marek Górniak